1. I’m making my first short film; producers, crew and all! Click the link to see how you can be a part of making it all happen and PLEASE hit the reblog button below!

    You are awesome.



  2. Shooting educational videos for New Zealand schools this weekend. #keepyourhandstoyourself #arri #canon #rode


  3. 48hour film festival! Bummed I didn’t compete, but there’s always next year. It was fun to watch friends though!


  4. Marshall Neilan, silent film director, gave this interview in a 1925 Edition of Photoplay Magazine.

    Marshall Neilan, silent film director, gave this interview in a 1925 Edition of Photoplay Magazine.

    Q. What are the essential qualifications of a director

    A. The ability to convince producers that you are a better director than your pictures show you to be.

    Q. How can this be done?

    A. Easily. It is being done every day. Read a book on self confidence and salesmanship.

    Q. How should a director dress?

    A. On his first picture, decently. His dowdiness should increase in direct relationship to his fame until he makes one of the ten best pictures of the year, when he will return to the garb which he wore as a property man.

    Q. How should a director act in public?

    A. Like a nut or like an owl. Both methods have proved successful. By no means act normal. Producers are convinced that no normal being can be a director.

    Q. How do you distinguish a director from mortals?

    A. By the number of people to whom he does not speak.There was once a director who became so great that he forgot his wife’s first name.

    Q. When a producer asks you the name of your best picture what do you tell him?

    A. The next one I am about to do for him.

    Q. What kind of car should a director drive?

    A. A car as radically different in design from a taxicab as possible.

    Q. How many different kinds of directors are there?

    A. Two kinds – those that make artistic pictures and those whose pictures pay.

    Q. What should a director read?

    A. For useful information, the Police Gazette. For publicity purposes, the classics. For personal enjoyment, his own press notices.

    Q. What should a director write?

    A. Thoughtful articles on the art of directing.

    Q. What should a director really know?

    A. Enough to hire a good continuity writer, a good cameraman and a good assistant.

    Q. How should a director direct?

    A. That depends on the importance of the visitors on the lot who happen to be watching him.

    Q. Who is the greatest director of them all?

    A. I am a modest man.


  5. Benefit of working in film; you get to wear one of these everytime you work. #film #filmmaker #ilovepointingacameraatstuff


  6. I got to shoot for L’Oreal yesterday. They are some very talented hair and make up people. #loreal #hair #makeup #film #filmmaker #aarongeorgefilms


  7. A much need updated.

    There’s no doubt 2013 was a huge learning experience for me and now that 2014 is here I feel I have a little better grip on where I want to take my film passions. 

    Narrative filmmaking is definitely where my heart is at. Don’t get me wrong I love pointing a camera at anything, but noting excites me more then coming up with an original idea and seeing the finished film in my head.

    So whats this all mean? It means I’m about to film my first (very) short short film. 

    Following in the foot steps of Janusz Kaminski (Steven Spielberg’s Cinematographer) I am shooting a series of very specifically made short films.

    The idea for this project came after reading the article attached below. The basic concept between all of these (very) short films is to tell a story in under two minutes with just one scene and very minimal dialogue. This lets the audience create most of the story themselves.


    I truly appreciate the small portion of support I have and not only do I not want to let any of you down but I don’t want to let myself down either. 

    I want to end with a quote I read that really rings true. Something I need to remember every day while being a creative.

    "The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt." - Sylvia Plath


  8. Very, very true.

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  9. New website has commenced. Let me know your thoughts! http://aarongeorgefilms.com #film #filmmaker #websitedesign


  10. Behind the scenes photo from the @vendhq commercial. Check out this amazing Sally Tran master piece at www.vendhq.com #vend #commercial #film #filmmaker #morphsuits #arri #alexa